Renters Insurance

Here at Kathy Barry Agency, LLC, we are pleased to offer many different insurance products in the state of Pennsylvania. One of the products that we offer is renters insurance. If you are renting a home, condo, apartment or other space, renters insurance is something that you should have. Here is some information regarding renter’s insurance.


Does the Owner’s Insurance Cover the Renter?


One of the biggest myths related to renter’s insurance is that you do not need it because the homeowner’s insurance will cover your belongings. This is not true. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover any belongings that do not belong to the insured or their immediate family. This means that as a renter, your belongings are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, and as such, you are on your own to protect your belongings.


Why Should Every Renter Have Renter’s Insurance?


No one expects that their home is going to be burglarized and their belongings will go missing or that a pipe will burst in the home, damaging their furniture and electronics. Unfortunately, the unexpected happens. If you are uninsured and your belongings are damaged, you have to pay out of pocket to replace these items or go without. Renter’s insurance helps to cover the cost of the items that were stolen or damaged. This allows you to get on with your life quickly and without damaging your finances.


In addition to covering your belongings, renter’s insurance can also financially cover you if you are displaced from your rental home. If a fire breaks out or a hurricane destroys the home, renter’s insurance will pay for a temporary residence, ensuring you are not homeless.


If you do not yet have renter’s insurance in the state of Pennsylvania, now is the perfect time to purchase it. This can help to protect your belongings against many unexpected scenarios, such as fire, water damage and theft. Contact Kathy Barry Agency, LLC today to get a free estimate.