Commercial Insurance

Anyone who runs or manages a business has many different important decisions that they need to make daily. One important decision that needs to be properly considered is your need to have business insurance in place. While it does come with an added expensive, a good commercial insurance policy will provide you with many different types of protection that can make it a great option for you and your business.


Coverage for Liability


One of the biggest concerns that any business should have is how exposed they are to liability. No matter how safe a product or service is, there is always an outside chance that someone could be injured when using the product. If this happens, it could put your entire business at risk if you are found liable. Because of this, the liability insurance in your commercial insurance policy is extremely necessary.


Workers’ Compensation


If you hire any employees in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that you have workers’ compensation insurance. Not only does law for you to carry normally require it, but it will also provide you with necessary and valuable protection. This coverage will kick in if someone is injured while working for you.


Property Coverage


If your place of business is damaged or destroyed it would be very detrimental to your business. However, if you have property insurance in place, it could provide valuable protection for you and your business. This coverage is normally required if you have a mortgage or lease.


For anyone that owns or manages a business in Pennsylvania, speaking with Kathy Barry Agency, LLC would be a good option. When you meet with the team at Kathy Barry Agency, LLC, you will quickly see how much the insurance agency can benefit you. This insurance agency will be able to provide you with a full consultation on your insurance needs and make sure that you get into a great policy that provides the right type and level of coverage.