Hi, this is Dave with the Kathy Barry Agency. We’re right in the middle of the holiday season. And that is actually the time of year where the most people get engaged. So if you have a new engagement ring, you may wonder if it is covered by your insurance. And the answer is maybe. Most insurance policies have limitations on how much they will pay out for theft of jewelry. So if you have concerns about that, you’ll want to get in touch with your agent. Not only are there options to raise the coverage for theft, but you can also get coverage for a missing ring, or if the stone would be damaged. I know when I got my wedding band, which is not a big ticket item like the diamond engagement rings, I was concerned every time that I went into the water or anything like that, that I was going to lose it. So this coverage can give you peace of mind that if something happens to your new ring, you’ll be taken care of. So thanks a lot.

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