Hi, my name’s Christine Bashore from the Kathy Barry Agency and I’m here on my farm to answer a frequently asked question. What is the importance of an umbrella liability policy and how does it help me on my farm operation?
An umbrella liability policy provides higher limits of liability to help protect you against the catastrophic liability claim. A catastrophic liability claim could be a equine that escapes from your farm and causes an accident on the road or even a dog bite claim or when someone visiting your farm is severely injured in an accident.
An umbrella liability policy provides additional coverage to your underlying policies, so it’s not just a catchall. These underlying policies could include your business auto, your personal auto, your workers’ comp policy, or even a general liability policy. It’s good to sit down and make sure these underlying policies have high enough limits to be covered under an umbrella. You should ask your agent for more information. Thank you.

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