Emily Jones


I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Eastern Ontario owned by my family. When I was 20, I moved from the middle of nowhere to Toronto to pursue a career as a Deaf/Blind Intervenor.

I’ve been with David Heiser Insurance for 2 years prior to merging with the Kathy Barry Agency, and have found my career. I am still learning, but embrace every opportunity to do so. I love helping people. If I can make someone’s day a little better by handling a claim well or by helping them understand their policy better – it’s a really good day.

My passion is to cycle through dinosaurs, zombie apocalypse prep, technology, insurance law, and horror movies. You’re in for an earful if you ask about any of those subjects! My guilty pleasure is Cooking and baking! My Mom, aunts and grandmothers have taught me well. When not working you will find me at a local pub with my husband or on a trip to Canada to visit family.