Quiet Hills Lavender Farm

Stroll through the fields that boast rows and rows of vibrant lavender, then stop by The Lavender Shed, the farm’s shop. There, you’ll find a selection of lavender-related products, including gifts.   On the Quiet Hills Farm, the plants have had no insect enemies, and during the summer months, the 2-acre lavender field of some 4,000 plants attracts hundreds of honey and bumblebees.   The farm grows both English and French lavender. The English variety is smaller in size but is better at tolerating cold winters. A hybrid of English and Portuguese plants tolerates hot weather better than the cold. English lavender has a sweet scent, while the French flower smells cleaner and is more popular because of the bright purple flowers.

1995 Hemlock St

Palmerton, PA 18071

Phone: (610) 737-1226