For over two decades, Rosco’s House has stood as a bastion of hope for rescue dogs and their senior companions. Founded with a vision of compassion and dedication, this remarkable charity has been nurturing the bonds between humans and their furry friends for 24 years. Now, the Kathy Barry Agency proudly supports their noble cause through our newest community cause campaign that aims to extend their reach and impact.

Rosco’s House doesn’t just rescue dogs; it preserves the cherished relationships between seniors and their beloved pets. Many elderly individuals find solace and companionship in their furry friends, but as age advances, caring for these companions can become challenging. Rosco’s House steps in, offering support and resources to ensure that no senior has to part ways with their faithful companion due to financial or logistical difficulties.

But their mission doesn’t end there. Rosco’s House is at the forefront of the battle against online puppy mills, shedding light on the dark realities of this industry. Through advocacy and education, they strive to empower communities to make informed decisions about pet adoption and promote the virtues of fostering abandoned animals over supporting unethical breeding practices.

Now, we invite you to help us make a difference! For every referral sent, $10 will be donated to Rosco’s House, amplifying their impact and touching the lives of countless dogs and seniors in need.

Let’s join hands in supporting Rosco’s House, where love knows no bounds, and every wagging tail is a testament to the power of compassion. Together, we can make a world of difference for these deserving creatures and the humans who cherish them. Join us today and be a part of this labor of love!


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