Protecting the environment is our responsibility as humans inhabiting this planet. With the severe depletion of our natural resources in the past years, the importance of sustainability in our everyday lives is becoming more prominent as time passes.

At the Kathy Barry Agency, we understand the seriousness of these issues and want to do what we can to support organizations working to improve the quality of our environment. Since 1998, PennFuture has fought for change through education and legal action, understanding the importance of legislation when trying to make a lasting impact. Their efforts have led to significant achievements, including helping pass Act 129 to implement robust energy conservation programs and pushing for a state rule to clean up toxic mercury pollution from Pennsylvania coal-fired power plants.

We want to support PennFuture’s mission to build more sustainable communities, protect public health, and preserve the wildlife of Pennsylvania. That is why we are devoted to donating $20 in your name to them for every person you recommend to us to receive a no-obligation quote!

With your help, we can move towards a greener, healthier and happier environment!


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